Are you one to notice the lawns in the neighborhood that look the nicest? Do you find yourself comparing your grass to theirs? One of the best and easiest ways to transform your yard into a beautiful accent to your home, or even the star attraction, is by regularly fertilizing it. 

Beautiful & Durable

Fertilizer provides the grass with nutrients that it needs to grow healthy. A healthy lawn will look beautiful, even though the tough stuff, like family parties, the kids’ trampoline, and more. With strong roots, the grass is durable and can stand up to rough weather conditions as well. Feel like walking barefoot on that grass? Enjoy!

Easier Care Overall

Scheduling regular fertilizing might seem like a chore, but it makes lawn care easier overall. You won’t be spending your weekends picking weeds or trying to repair patches of dry, dead grass. With nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrate, the right fertilizer will keep your lawn looking great without all the extra work.

It’s “Green” & Natural

Grass fertilizers are designed to be a natural solution to many lawn problems. By providing nutrients and organic chemicals, you encourage healthy growth while preventing weeds and even bugs. Without the need for weed killers and herbicides, you are choosing the “green” solution that is healthier for you, your family, and your pets.


The cost of the extra seed, sod, treatments, and fertilizers you will need to repair your lawn over time can add up. By regularly fertilizing with the right products, you can save on the monetary cost and the time investment. Another way to make fertilizing more cost-effective is to use a fertilizer program through a landscaping company. They can take care of the lawn while you enjoy it.

Wagner Sod Company provides a four-step fertilizer program that is effective whether you are installing new sod or you’d like to revive your existing lawn. Call us today to learn more about this program and how it can help you enjoy a beautiful lawn without the work.