Four-Step Fertilizer Program

Whether you have new sod or want to bring your existing lawn back to life, fertilizing can have a dramatic impact. Your grass and soil require nutrients to thrive and create a lush, green lawn. Following a proper fertilizer program can be the difference between healthy and vibrant turf, and unhealthy, dying turf. Applying fertilizer at the right time of year, and with the right intervals between applications, will provide the proper feeding to achieve and sustain a healthy and vibrant lawn. At Wagner Sod Company, we recommend our Four-Step Fertilizer Program that you can do on your own; or we can provide the service for your lawn in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Spring Through Fall Fertilizing

Our Four-Step Fertilizer Program is designed to take all the guesswork out of fertilizing your lawn, so it is done right every time. An average application rate for most fertilizers is 3-4 lbs. for 1000 square feet of lawn. It is important to use slow-release nitrogen in your fertilizer, and follow the manufacturer’s application guidelines. This will help you get even feeding throughout the season, rather than a quick burst that greens up fast and then deteriorates fast, leaving the lawn starving for food.

Step 1. Use 20-00-10 with 30% slow release nitrogen fertilizer

Combine a high quality, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer with Dimension pre-emergent herbicide. Dimension is a premium-quality herbicide that controls crabgrass, common in the Twin Cities Metro area. This fertilizer should be applied when average soil temperatures reach 50 degrees (approximately mid-April to early May in Minnesota). The fertilizer can be applied to wet or dry ground, and should be watered thoroughly after application.

Step 2 & 3. Use 25-00-15 with 25% slow release nitrogen fertilizer

High quality fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen provides a long-lasting food supply for your lawn. Step 2 should be applied 6-8 weeks following Step 1 (early June) and Step 3 should follow about 6-8 weeks later (mid- to late July). These two steps are vital to maintaining a vibrant lawn through the hottest months of the summer in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Step 4. Use 20-00-20 with 20% standard release nitrogen fertilizer

This last step of fertilizer application is very important to end the growing season right and prepare your lawn with enough nutrients to last through the winter dormancy, and can include herbicide spray if needed on mature yards. Step 4 should be applied 6-8 weeks following Step 3 (Mid-September).

Fertilizing and Lawn Care

Our team at Wagner Sod Company offers lawn care for our customers in Eagan, Savage, Woodbury, Lakeville and throughout the Twin Cities Metro area. Contact us to schedule ongoing lawn maintenance, including our Four-Step Fertilizing Program for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

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