Twin Cities Metro Quality Sod Installation

Purchasing top-quality sod from Wagner Sod Company can help you create the luxurious lawn you desire. However, the preparation and installation processes are vital components of ensuring your new sod will thrive. Our team can perform sod preparation, delivery and installation in the Twin Cities Metro area to ensure your new grass is given the foundation it needs to grow thick and healthy. We also provide education on sod care and maintenance to all customers who purchase our sod, including self-installation tips.

Professional Sod Installation

Preparing your site and soil for your new sod will play an important role in how well and quickly your new grass will take root. Before sod can be installed, the soil will need to be treated with an herbicide to kill any weeds. This is done 14-21 days before the sod installation – this is also a good time to add any new topsoil that is needed. Our crews can choose and apply the correct herbicide to ensure your soil is ready for your new sod.

Immediately before the sod installation, the site must be properly graded to create an even surface for your new sod. The correct grade will allow for drainage and eliminate any high or low spots that will impact moisture levels and appearance. Finish grading is a crucial step in sod installation – it can impact the health of the sod and how the lawn will look once it is installed. If you need finish grading, our crews can complete this phase before installing your new sod.

It is important that once sod is delivered to the prepared site, it is installed as quickly as possible. Wagner Sod Company offers sod delivery and professional installation. We use large rolls for our professional sod installations that are 105’ to 115’ long. This reduces the number of seams by up to 66% and there is less chance of washout with heavy rains. Our crews use specialized equipment to ensure these larger sod rolls are installed correctly, eliminating air pockets that can jeopardize the root establishing process. Once your sod is installed, we will ensure you are informed on the best way to care for and maintain your beautiful new grass for excellent results – we also offer professional sod and lawn care services.

New Lawn Installations

If you live in Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, Inver Grove Heights or anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area, contact Wagner Sod Company for your next new lawn installation. We offer the highest quality, locally-grown sod paired with expert installation for long-lasting, beautiful results. Call us to begin planning and preparing for your new lawn that will enhance your home or property for many years to come.

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