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Installing new sod is only the first phase of creating a long-lasting, healthy lawn. Creating a sustainable root system requires the right mixture of water and nutrients to feed your new grass. The weeks of maintenance after sod installation are important to create the right environment for a lush, thick lawn. Wagner Sod Company wants to ensure our customers know how to care for their new sod. We offer education for our customers in the Twin Cities Metro area on sod maintenance and professional lawn care for ongoing upkeep.

New Sod Care

Proper sod preparation and installation will get your new lawn off to a good start, but the days and weeks following installation are critical. Immediately after installation, your new sod will need watering to initiate root growth. Immediately after installation, the sod should be completely watered. For the two weeks following installation, the sod should be watered twice daily (mornings and late afternoons is recommended) and be protected from foot traffic. After the first two weeks, watering once a day should suffice.

Mowing can begin once the grass has taken root and cannot be easily “tugged” free. Mow at a high setting and use a bagger to collect clippings. You can slightly lower your height setting each week that you mow until you reach the desired height.

Fertilization and Ongoing Sod Maintenance

After the new sod has been in place for about 3-4 weeks, you can begin fertilizing. We recommend our four-step fertilizing program to give your new grass the nutrients it requires. The four-step fertilizing program should be followed every spring through fall to maintain your lawn. Our team at Wagner Sod Company can perform your fertilizing, mowing and regular lawn care to ensure your new sod stays healthy and beautiful.

If you are installing new sod at your home in Burnsville, Apple Valley, Inver Grove Heights or anywhere in the greater Twin Cities Metro area, get the best local sod and sod maintenance by calling our team at Wagner Sod Company. We are a second-generation family business that takes pride in the hearty sod and exceptional landscaping service we provide. Call us today for a free quote on all our sod products and services.

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