Maybe your family plans to host a backyard wedding or graduation party this summer, but your lawn isn’t one you would want to show off? Call the sod technicians at Wagner Sod, and leave the sod installation and landscaping to us.

You can go ahead and develop the rest of the plans while we do everything necessary to ensure you will have a lawn that will be the envy of all who attend.

Steps to Sod Installation

Many homeowners think you can just grade the lawn and install the sod, water it, and you’re done. Well, you could do that, but you would be leaving a lot to chance.

A lush, beautiful lawn cannot be rushed. There are several steps to get that green lawn where you’ll want to greet your guests. You could spend weeks or even months grading, seeding, and fertilizing and still not get a lush, thick lawn. Or you could leave the lawn preparation and sod installation to us.

We grow our sod locally, so you already have the advantage of grass that is acclimated. Plus, we will start two to three weeks before installation with grading, adding new topsoil where necessary, and herbicide to ensure the ground is ready to accept the sod, and there will be no air pockets that inhibit root growth.

The Installation & Other Elements

We use much longer lengths of sod than many installers, often up to 115 feet, so that you will have a smooth, seamless lawn quicker.

If you plan to have walkways with lighted edges and a dance floor platform, our landscapers can help with that as well. You will want to add lots of outdoor lighting that will direct your guests to the reception area.

We can install a wide array of outdoor lighting for the event. Nowadays, you can use outdoor lighting to create many options for your backyard wedding. We can also install Uplights to highlight trees, shrubs, and bushes, plus string lights, lanterns, torches, glow-in-the-dark stones, and solar stakes for striking accents.

Let our landscaper prepare the grounds for an unforgettable backyard wedding your family will talk about for years to come.

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