Now that the snow is melting and warmer temperatures are coming, you may be wanting to spruce up your property. At the same time, you are busy and do not have time to do it yourself. Hiring a professional landscaper can help ensure your property has optimal curb appeal. What projects should you focus on the most for the greatest investment? Here are three landscaping projects to tackle this spring.

Prune Shrubs and Dead Tree Limbs

Pruning shrubs and trees in the spring helps promote new growth and eliminates diseases that can spread to the rest of your landscaping. It is essential to follow the proper techniques for pruning, or you could cause further damage. A trained landscaping professional can ensure that your trees and shrubs are pruned at the right time to keep your property beautiful.

Clear Leaves and Debris

As the snow melts, you may notice leaves and debris creating an eyesore on your landscaping. This debris can invite critters and rodents to hide under and find your home as an attractive place to stay. Broken twigs and branches from winter storms can cause a tripping hazard for guests and visitors. 

Install Landscaping Mulch and Edging

Installing mulch in the spring can refresh your landscaping and help your soil retain moisture. Mulch also helps to suppress weeds that can become more problematic during warmer temperatures. You may also want to consider adding edging to provide more definition for your lawn and landscape. Edging can also help reduce the amount of maintenance your landscaping needs. 

Convenient Landscaping Services You Can Trust

Timing is everything when it comes to landscaping. If you need help restoring and maintaining your lawn, the experienced and licensed professionals at Wagner Sod Company are ready to assist you. Let us be your one-stop shop for landscaping needs. Contact us today to receive a free quote.