Adding a new sod lawn makes your property more valuable. Taking proper care of it will provide beauty, a clean playing surface, and an improved environment for years to come. Maintenance is vital to keep your turf viable while enabling its sustainability.

Mowing Your Sod

Sod should be mowed the first time after it is established in the ground, which can take 10-21 days. You can test if the sod is rooted in by pulling up a piece and observing how tightly it adheres to the topsoil. It is recommended to collect the clippings and compost them if you use a rotary mower. With a reel mower, the clippings can be left if they do not leave clumps. Mow often, removing no more than 1/3 of the grass height each time. Make sure your mower always has a sharp blade.

Feeding Your Sod

For a beautiful and healthy lawn, your lawn must receive enough nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended that you fertilize the new sod when installing with "Sod or Seed Starter" fertilizer at the recommended label rate. From March to July, apply a summer fertilizer, and from August to October, apply fall fertilizer. Consider your lawn's growth rate, as well as its general appearance, when determining the amount and frequency of feedings. A beautiful, healthy lawn depends on regular, balanced feeding.

Annual Maintenance

Each season of the year carries its own maintenance tasks to keep your sod healthy.

  • If your lawn has thinned over winter, it should be power raked, dead grass removed and overseeded.
  • After your seed, you may want to lightly top-dress with a soil blend or sand to cover it.
  • Aeration is the best method to improve drainage, followed by the removal of cores and dead grass.
  • Overseeding is best done between March and April or in early September.
  • If you have experienced overall turf decline, you may have to repeat some of the spring maintenance procedures in the fall.
  • We strongly recommend removing tree leaves from your lawn and not letting the grass go too long as this will result in mats and bare patches.

You can trust the experts at Wagner Sod Company Landscaping and Irrigation to help maintain your beautiful new sod or whatever next project is on your to-do list.