There was a time when this question wasn’t even asked. After all, either you didn’t water your lawn at all, or you used an ordinary sprinkler. The sprinkler gets the job done, but it requires going out and moving it to new sections of grass at regular intervals. If you have a big lawn, this process can be very time-consuming and may not actually provide adequate moisture for a healthy, green yard. 

Irrigation Systems Make Easy Work of a Time-Consuming Task

Installing an irrigation system on your lawn can be the answer you’ve been looking for every time you go out to water the grass. When determining the pros and cons of the investment of an in-ground irrigation system, consider these points before making your decision. 

  1. Time is money. For some, the time factor alone makes the decision. Manually watering a large lawn is a process. Each area needs to be thoroughly soaked and yet not over-saturated. It’s also best to water your lawn between 4 am, and 10 am so the moisture can soak into the earth rather than evaporate into the air. If your 9-5 means you can only accommodate that by getting up early on the weekend, you may need a new plan.
  2. A healthy lawn needs three things- water, sunshine, and fertilization. The trick is each of these must be done in the proper amounts to get the best result. When you have an inground irrigation system, you can water your lawn when it needs it, no matter what your schedule is. 
  3. Save money- and the environment when you install an in-ground irrigation system. Using an irrigation system to keep your lawn maintained saves water. As much as 7% of water becomes runoff if the timing and water usage are not calculated carefully. Using a system set on timers to take advantage of early morning watering hours, you can save on your water bill and prevent runoff that can overwhelm the environment around you. 

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